Solutions for conventional microscopy conversions using video measurement systems.

What does conventional Microscopy Inspection mean to you?

The pressure of making conventional microscopy processes more efficient is huge, and process engineers are constantly looking for continuous process improvement. Optical measurement systems, video measurement systems, multi-sensor measurement systems, smartscopes, and cobot technology, are all solutions that process engineers using for their applications.

Do you recognize the fluctuating standard deviations on a daily or weekly basis, because product builders have their variations?
Do you also think that it takes too many weeks to train a new product builder, especially if the product is critical and contains many possible defects?
Do you recognize that cleanroom space becomes ever more critical nowadays?
Does the current market also make it hard for you to find and keep enough people to support your process?
Do you experience compliancy issues, because inspection processes are becoming too demanding or unstable for conventional microscopy?
Do you also feel the pressure of cost reduction through headcount reduction, or by increasing output with the same headcount?

NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation Ltd. has addressed these issues many times before together with the problem owners. Together, various approaches have been defined, which have led to many implemented (semi-) automated microscopy solutions, that have proven themselves to be very successful. Let us know if we can support you and share your challenge.

Continuous Process Improvement with NSI Microscopy

As good as needed, but as fast as possible.

The NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation company pride themselves in being an inspection Software developer and a microscope manufacturer competing with the best optics companies in the world. (Keyence, Nikon, Olympus, Leica & Zeiss). They are an application specific company that specialize in challenging manufacturing Inspection processes for which they provide configure-to-order inspection solutions.

One Button Press Technology

If you don’t have your own digital microscope, we can help you with our NSI AnalyzerTM

The NSI Analyzer Microscope is a completely automatic video measurement system with optional motorized functions, minimizing the operator inspection interaction and making the system easy to work with. The key requirement to automated inspection is that everything is synchronized with the in-process workmanship standard for optimal compliancy.

NSI-microscopy NSI-microscopy

The NSI Analyzer offers both attribute defect analysis and dimensional metrology in one system. The NSI Analyzer is designed to be one button press, so with a simple single touch of a button the system begins process and returns results, making it easy-to-use for the operator.

Simplifying process is our approach to continuous process improvement. An integration of carefully selected NSI Tools that best suits your needs. Efficient and scalable. We offer a guided consultation program including integration, qualification and validation support.

Are you looking to configure your own One Button Press solution?

“We would have never expected that we would have been able to save so much more time for our microtiter plate inspection, as we do now. Even though we’ve been working with a system of one of the biggest optical companies in the world, we now experienced, that application specific configure-to-order software and associated hardware really makes a difference.”

What makes NSI Microscopy so special?

NSI Microscopy have a key interest in the engineer’s reputation and to be able to support them in their activities of continuously improving their processes. Focusing on compliancy, head count, floor space, cycle time, and yield.

NSI Microscopy is a software-oriented microscopy company, that allows anyone to automate a manual inspection process, whether it be in automated metrology or attribute inspection. NSI Microscopy has over 30 years of automation experience and knows that automated inspection is more than just that one perfect image, made in a conditioned environment. The NSI Inspection Assistant is a configure-to-order inspection assistant allowing the engineer to select what process guidance and support tools they require for their microscopy inspection, instead of having to choose a piece of hardware first and being stuck with it.

NSI Microscopy_Particle Inspection

Start with Process, Start with Software

Hardware and Services will follow

Whatever challenge you face regarding microscopy inspection and automation, we’ve got a possible solution. Our mission is to help you improve your inspection process, and (semi-) automation is the answer.

If you’re just looking to speak to someone, we’re only one button away.

What do we do?

NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation tries to support their customers’ challenge and automate as much of the process as necessary. We typically focus on three items and apply them as needed. First, we try to optimize and standardize the inspection rate as much as possible. Second, we apply all necessary metrology and attribute detection tools that are needed. Third, we make sure, that we are properly integrated in the existing processes and data management systems.

NSI Intro Increase Inspection Rate
Increase Inspection Rate

From positioning your product under the microscope, to refocusing and noting the results, all these steps take valuable time. One-Button-Press.

NSI Intro Metrology and Detection
Metrology and Detection

Train the system to automatically measure dimensions, find deviations and categorize them as defects. This reduces errors in the process.

NSI Intro Process Integration
Process Integration

We provide a simple, flexible and reliable platform that is easy to automate, qualify and validate. Results are stored either locally or in your own MES environment.

How does it work?

Let’s build your roadmap for continuous improvement together in 10 easy steps.

What you would have to do:

1. Think of a conventional inspection process that you want to improve.

2. If available, share the Visual Standard with us or describe the process.

3. Share some microscope images or samples with us.

What we will do together:

4. Together, we determine the appropriate SMART tools you would need.

5. Together, we check the need for conditional equipment.

6. Together, we implement the procedure.

7. Together, we qualify and validate the process.

8. Together, we make sure that the operator is happy.

9. Together, we determine the support you would want from us.

What you and your managers will do:

10. Enjoy the savings of your improved process and look for the next opportunity.

If you have questions on our approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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SMART NSI Microscopy Inspection Products

NSI Smart Microscopy allows anyone to automate a manual inspection process, whether it be in automated metrology or visual inspection. Our mission is to help you continuously improve your inspection process, and microscopy inspection automation is our answer.

NSI software image Microscopy Image
NSI Software

Configure your unique combination of software routines that allow any challenge to be overcome.

NSI Analyser image
NSI Analyzer

If you don’t have in-house equipment, the NSI Analyzer provides a hardware solution with a clean and smooth housing.

NSI Solutions Image
NSI Solutions

Examples of application specific solutions, that might suit your application just fine - think out of the box.

NSI MovElix Handling Image
MovElix Handling

Presenting your product or defect to any inspection system in an easy and repeatable manner is essential.

The NSI Automated Software uses a range of tools including Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive, Neuro Networking and Deep Learning Inspection Algorithms.

If we’ve got your attention

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Who are we?

NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation Ltd.

We automate conventional microscopy inspection.

What if we could take your microscopy process and turn it into something more efficient and less time consuming. This would save resources, space, time and would give you the opportunity to continuously improve your process.

What if we could take your microscopy process and turn it into something more efficient and less time consuming. This would save resources, space, time and would give you the opportunity to continuously improve your process.

NSI Microscopy is a configurable software assistant, designed by GDO BV, and is based on 30+ years of proven microscopy inspection technologies. SMART tools are used to support operator activities, reduce process variation, and reduce cycle times. NSI microscopy provides conditional hardware and services but could also reuse your existing equipment.

If you have a potential project, then there are some easy steps that we follow together. First, we want to listen and understand your process, because this is key. Second, we will configure the software to match your process. And three, we advise on hardware and services. We strongly believe that you should be able to get everything out of one hand, which is why we will support you from the initial idea to an implemented and functional application.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. Or just drop us an e-mail at:

NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation We’re fast, are you?

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Service and Support

For our service and support we work closely together with our sister company GDO BV in the Netherlands. They have a team of 80 people that can support you online or on site, fabricate parts, and solve any unforeseen issues.

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