NSI - Microscopy Inspection Automation Ltd.

NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation Ltd was launched by its parent company GDO incorporating 100 years of Inspection and Technology traditions on the 5th of June 2019 in Ireland.

“Build your Reputation with Ours”

NSI MIA Ltd was conceived over a cup of coffee in Galway, Ireland between Mr Jos Rutten and Mr John Moore, who both agreed that Microscopy needed to automate and to challenge the conventional ways of process inspection. Manufacturing Processes now demand higher efficiencies as products become more complex while conventional Inspection alternatives lag behind.


GDOs Product Development Team have created NSI Technologies for Microscopy Automation with one main goal in mind for their customers: "To address the Intrinsic need for excellence which creates value for a company". In order to accelerate this value driver called Microscopy Automation GDO decided to create a dedicated company in this ever-emerging market called Microscopy Inspection.

NSI joins two worlds together, automated process inspection and microscopy Inspection to provide a single solution using the best technologies and methodologies in the world adding value to companies and processes. Our NSI Software Toolbox is very capable and versatile and can take on any attribute defect challenge. We provide the complete package from system Inspection to validation documentation.

We are proud to launch the NEW NSI In-Process Microscope configured with our latest Cube Technologies, featuring highly specified cameras, designed illumination, configured product handling stages, with the NSI software designed with “One Button Press Technologies” in mind.

Our “Cube Technology” allows us to use a range of our own detectors and use them as the application requires. The NSI Cube Technology is so versatile that it offers its graphic data output with precise information enabling process systems to be self-optimizing and intelligent enough to take control of other operations within the process line.

The NSI Analyzer being launched in Minneapolis, USA, October 2019, with thanks to our host, Keith Summers.