NSI Integration

NSI Microscopy Ireland launch the New combination of the Nikon LV150ND with the Nanotronics 2” to 6” inch wafer loading system. Fully integrated, ideal for wafer research.


Why use Conventional Microscopy?

Conventional Microscopy is a mostly manual with motorized accessories and works best in a factory laboratory setting where the applications are general. The Stereo Microscope, has excellent optics with distinguishing features such as depth of focus, field of view, parfocal zoom optics, a range of illumination configurations (Ring light, Transmitted Light, Fluorescence and Co-axial Illumination) and cameras that can be added to suit any application. The objective Lens is apochromatically corrected for flatness and offers excellent colour fidelity and sharpness. The Stereo has a range of XY Stages available. The Stereo is used mostly for macroscopic inspection. The Compound Microscope, has been designed for microscopic manual applications with features such as excellent resolution, numerical aperture, flatness of field of view and a large working distance. The compound microscope has many contrast methods from Brightfield, Darkfield, Florescence, Polarization, Differential Interference Contrast, Phase Contrast, Two Beam Interferometry, Metallography and High-Speed Confocal Inspection.