NSI Join Nikon Metrology in MDM West

NSI Microscopy Inspection introduce the highly anticipated Automated Attribute Defect Detection Software Module for their In Process NSI Cube Digital Microscope. Come see us at MDM Minneapolis, USA this coming week.

NSI Specialize in finding product deviations and reactions to different external proponents. NSI use their Automated Illumination algorithms along with a range of Dome Illumination, Backlight, Oblique Illumination, Segmented Illumination, Episcopic and Diascopic illumination methods, along with contrast methods such as Polarisation, Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Confocal, Interferometry, Phase Contrast and Epi Fluorescence.


As important as Hardware is the key proponent to NSI Application Specific Digital Microscopy is the NSI Inspection Software which is designed to analyze any part or particle to a set of calibration standards with UKAS or NPL certifications.

Inspection Algorithms

Algorithms have everything to do with every aspect of life. Every move a person makes can be characterized as an algorithm.

For example, a person riding a bike. They have one foot down they position the pedal in the optimum position for forward motion, they apply pressure and they move forward. The more pressure they apply to the pedals the faster they go, but the more tired they get slowing their progress.

So, Lets convert this to Technical Language:

A downward pressure is applied to a lever which is measured in pascals which in turn creates a pulling force on the chain creating dynamic movement and pushing the wheels forward. The increased pressure increases the amount of energy used and makes the wheels of the bike go faster which can be measured in km per hour. In each aspect of this process can be measured using Algorithms.

So, any process Inspection routine can be converted into an Algorithm. NSI take your workmanship documents and convert the inspection process into a series of algorithms that automatically follow each inspection step of your process giving live feedback of each step that can be measured and optimized.