Happy Operator

NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation launch their new multiple product and defect digital analyser embracing all aspects of inspection in one system.

The NSI Multiple Product Defect Analyser with a range of modular NSI software and handling.


Happy Operator equals Good Inspection

At NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation we survey different operators in different factories to learn how operators would like to work. We take this feedback and incorporate it into our systems.

Why do you like working on certain inspection stations?

Reasons could be a well laid out work station fully stocked with relevant tooling and ergonomically friendly, table, scope and chair. Good lighting, even temperature etc.

What frustrates you most about inspection or process assembly?

Lack of training, tooling, poor or ineffective equipment or tooling.

What one thing makes you happy with the equipment you use?

All anyone wants is equipment that is fast, efficient, easy to use, with high quality and resolution images that make the job easier. Out of the options below I would choose D.

A. Ergonomics

B. One Button Press and easy to use

C. Loading the part

D. Simple Pass/Fail Result Driven Interface

Why would you want to work in certain process?

Process dependant of course, I would like to work with machines that are user friendly, quick and efficient so I can stay within set targets etc and achieve results for a business.