SMART Microscopy Inspection

What is SMART Microscopy Inspection

The NSI Automated Analyser Microscope is a completely automatic microscope Inspection with motorised functions minimizing the operator inspection interaction and making the system easy to work with. The key requirement to automated inspection is that everything is synchronized with the In-process workmanship document. The NSI Solution is both Automated Attribute Defect and Automated Dimensional Inspection in one system. The NSI Analyser Systems are designed to be one button press, so with a simple single touch of a button the system begins process defect detection. The NSI Analyser is much more than a Digital Microscope it is a manufacturing process inspection in one system.


Why Use SMART Microscopy

NSI Smart Microscopy allows anyone to automate a manual inspection process whether it be in automated attribute, metrology or automated surface inspection. The NSI Toolbox is a configure to order system allowing the engineer to select what process guidance and support they require for their automated microscopy process inspection. The NSI Automated Software uses a range of tools including Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive, Neuro Networking and Deep Learning Inspection Algorithms. In any inspection system the presentation of the part to the inline or benchtop inspection system is very important to finding the defects as required by the customer. NSI have a key interest in the Engineers Reputation and that their process is Continuously Improved with the required defects detected, yield and cycle time.